Happy Monday all! WOW – I don’t know about you but this weekend was probably the fastest weekend ever! Saturday I photographed the wedding of Carey & Brian, quite possibly the sweet couple ever! And Sunday John and I worked like maniacs packing and moving stuff in storage! Not only was Sunday a busy day for us, but it was also Father’s Day! Happy fathers day to all the hard-working dads and single mom’s out there! Sunday was also another special Day….


Every June 21st we get to Celebrate not only the 1st day of summer, but the birth of my mom! Unfortunately, my mom and I live very far apart which is difficult around this time of year as birthdays are my favorite and I wish I could share a bottle of champagne and homemade chocolate cake with her. But instead, we share a phone call and lucky for me I get to see picture via text of her delicious birthday dinners! This year it was sushi, and take my word for it, it looked AMAZING!

My mom is hands down one the most import and influential people in my life. I wouldn’t know what to do with out her. Through the years my mom and I have grown so close, its true what people say when they tell you your parents become less like “parents” and more like friends throughout life. She will always be my parent but she is also my best friend. This year has been a rough one I am especially thankful that even though we are far apart I still have my mom in my life, even if a phone is the only way we can communicate.

I know its not your birthday any longer, but you were a part of my weekend so you are now a part of my weekend rewind! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you to the moon and back and though thousands of miles separate us you are still the most important woman in my life! Every day I am thankful that you are my mother and for your never-ending love, friendship and support!


Carey + Brian | Annapolis, MD Wedding

There are not enough wonderful things to say about these two and their families! What a day! On Saturday, Carey and Brian, high school sweet hearts, were married in the very same church her family has been married in for 5 generations! How in credible is that? After the Ceremony our lovely state of Maryland was under server thunder-storm watch. We quickly hurried through family portraits just before the rain started. Our trolley driver was so kind and drove us all over Annapolis while we waited out the rain. Lucky for us the clouds parted just long enough for us to finish portraits downtown and get the party started back at Carey’s family home!

Carey & Brian – Thank you for having me document this day for you I cant wait to share to more.

XOXO – j

Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0008 Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0009Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0002 Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0003Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0010 Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0004 Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0005 Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0006 Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0007Carey_Brian_Annapolis_Waterfront_Wedding_0001