Jen Harvey Photography

Love Is Life

If that’s not the cheesiest line, huh? But it’s true! I saw that quote when I was in middle school and to this day, it’s still the lens I look through for every circumstance. Love creates us and fulfills us. It lets us look back on our lives with fondness and feel present in each moment. And it's my joy and privilege to photograph it.

Weddings + Engagement

Saying "yes" takes courage. Especially saying yes to forever. But I believe that love makes us brave and shows us that commitment is a gift.

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When we find love that survives through the best and the hardest times, we hang on to it. We acknowledge the gift it is and celebrate that.

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I'm a hopeless romantic. Which is kind-of necessary in this business. I'm fueled by love and moved by stories. I will never get over the fact that each and every love story is anything but common.

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