As many of you know, I recently traveled to Santa Barbara California for a photography conference called United.  My 1st session of the trip was something I was quite excited about, Boudoir, although I had no idea it would be on the BEACH! This is not your typical Boudoir session, it is a great way to show that Boudoir doesn’t only have to take place in a bedroom, hotel or studio setting, you can get as creative as you want and often outdoor locations a seriously fun and add a very differnt element to the shoot.

OK, so what is Boudoir Photography exactly?

Boudoir is an 18th century French word that is translated as – a woman’s bedroom or a private sitting room. Boudoir photography, therefore, usually takes place in a setting such as a bedroom or a hotel room… an intimate setting to create classy images that can be soft, romantic, sexy, sensual, or naughty. The main focus of a boudoir photographer is to capture you in the most flattering way by guiding you through the poses that compliment your body type. Its about showcasing as much or a little as you feel comfortable with and creating art that you or your significant other can charish forever.

Who is boudoir photography for? The answer… Every Woman, of all sizes and shapes.

1. A woman that wants to surprise that special one in her life with a unique and personal gift…. I mean think about it ladies, watching him open album for the first time and drool all over your sexy photos. Boudoir albums also make great gift for the Mr. to be to open on your wedding day. *wink wink*

2. A woman that needs a confidence boost or one who is already confident. It is all about discovering or rediscovering inner seductress. Lets make this all about you!

3. A woman that wants to capture her beauty forever, none of us are getting younger & years from now a boudoir photo album will be one of your most cherished possessions 😉

4. A woman that’s been married for a long time and well, what a better way revamp your private life.

5. A bride to be who want to do something differet and special for her bridal party. You bring the ladies and frilly things … dont forget the heels! And i will provide the pampering, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries!

As you can see, a Bourdoir session is for anyone and everyone! If you are ready to make that apointment and do something special for you, please contact me directly for more information. Have a group of girls – even better, ask about group rates. Hurry, lets get you pampered!!




Hair & Makeup:

Blue Tank & Tutu: hair –  Salon Del Mar   // makeup – Cassidy Zellmann

Black Set: Hair – Salon Del Mar  // Makeup – Jenny with Unveiled Makeup and Hair

Pink Set: Hair – Salon Del Mar