As many of you know, this summer’s weather has been less than desirable here on the East Coast. People say it rains a lot in Seattle but I think the state of Maryland is creeping up on my raining hometown. It’s rained pretty much every day this summer and I don’t mean a few sprinkles here and there, I mean STORMS! Finally after an afternoon of should we or shouldn’t we text messages between Lauren and I we decided to take our chances and WOW so glad we did; the evening light was gorgeous. Would you have guessed that just 2 hours before the skies were as dark as night and thunderstorms and torrential downpours were rolling through?

L+P live in Georgetown and wanted to incorporate this special area into their photos. We started the evening right on the canal at Patrick’s office. The two of them shared a quick moment up on the balcony overlooking the canal before we headed out for walk down by the water. Patrick attended business school at Georgetown University and remembered this quaint little courtyard in front of the old chapel that made a great spot for them to practice a few of their wedding day dance moves. Our Last stop on the tour of Georgetown was O Street. We parked on one of the side streets and took a walk along the old cobble stone stopping in front of brightly color shops and in the middle of the cobble stone street where I let the glow of passing headlights illuminate the two of them as the sun continued to set.

I am SO beyond happy that Lauren and I crossed paths. The two of them were guests at a wedding I photographed last summer in Cape Charles, Virginia. Lauren + Patrick are such a sweet, genuine and adoring couple. Their interactions throughout the evening were so sweet and thoughtful and made for a fun filled session. One of the things I love the most was Lauren’s infectious smile and laugh. I can’t get over how easy and natural it was for Patrick to bring that playful side out of her and make her smile.

Lauren + Patrick, I can’t wait of your Eastern Shore wedding next August. Knowing you two, it will be a beautiful event full of romance and laughter!  XOXO – J


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