Every photographer has a “bucket list” if you will; and one of the items on my “bucket list” was “photograph a proposal”. It didn’t matter where, or when, I just wanted to be present for that incredible moment when a man asks the woman he is madly in love with to be his partner in life’s journey! *yep, getting a little teary eyed just writing this!* A proposal is so symbolic not only of love, but of commitment, beginnings, and a new journey.

I met Travis through one of my brides back in May. He was talking about proposing to his girlfriend it just really boiled down to making the time to sneak away somewhere special even for a day… He mentioned New York City. Of course my interest is sparked at any mention of NYC. I gave him may card and told him to call whenever he was ready. Well, mid-week last week that call came. I cancelled my weekend plans and made the road trip up to NYC with my husband to photograph the most romantic and sweet proposal ever!

NYC holds a very special place in this couples hearts; they make the trip up once or twice a year to visit the 9-11 memorial and spend time in the city. So it only seemed fitting that Travis would plan a sunset boat trip around lower Manhattan and propose to Amanda on the Hudson River in one of their most beloved cities. Thank you for including me in such a spectacular moment in your lives together!

XOXO – Jen


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