JHP Associate Photography

2019 & 2020

As a young girl, visiting my grandmother was always such a treat. One of my most favorite things about her home was this huge gallery wall in her guest room (and this was before gallery walls were even a thing). I grew up seeing images of my grandparents life together displayed for all to see. Photos of their wedding, their travels, family I had never met, my mom as a young girl with her brothers, even me... I was up on that wall as well!

Remembering how special it was to see these images alive in her home has helped to shape the structure of my wedding collections. I believe in the beauty and the importance of printed images and heirloom pieces and want to ensure my clients have the ability to begin this collection for them selves.

All of my wedding collections, even associate collections, include an album and/or print credit so you can start displaying your photos right away through linen, silk or leather heirloom quality albums and archival quality prints and wall art.

Too often, we upload our images to social media, tag our friends or share our online gallery with friends and family and thats it, the story ends there (not really, but you get where I am going). I hope to help change that cycle because I believe it is so important to have something tangible from your wedding day; something nostalgic that outlasts the digital world we live in. Something that sits on your coffee table, that is easily accessible to you and is something that one day you can share with your children and even grandchildren.

Your photos, wedding or not, are meant to be printed, touched, cherished and loved for many years to come.