How is it possible that it is already July 28th! This month has FLOWN by! This weekend was spent at home, and it was glorious! Last minute changes to a few sessions left me with a completely free weekend to lock myself in my office and get client files ready for delivery!  2 weddings completed and 1 ready for the blog! Aside from being a busy bee in the office I found time to meet with a potential client, cook a YUMMY pot-roast in my amazing new All-Clad crockpot and shoot my 1st roll of film on the Pentax 645 Medium format camera I bought a month ago. And, I am not the only one who was getting stuff done this weekend. John made us a sofa table to go behind out new sectional to fill the gap between it and the wall. Love it! It looks so great. He is becoming quite the handy fellow!

I hope each and every one of you had a great weekend. Below are a few photos I snapped with my iPhone of John building our new table. You may have already seen them floating around instagram as well. And of course, the princess is watching closely by making sure the work is being done properly. Love that little dog!

Happy Monday Everyone! XOXO-Jen


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