What an amazing weekend I had in the Pacific Northwest. It was filled with some of the most important ladies in my life and two incredibly gorgeous brides with very different unique weddings!

Last time I was in Seattle we experience storms in Baltimore so I had to cancel some very important dinner plans. Luckily we were able to reschedule so this trip started with a delicious lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Kirkland Washington called Cactus. If you love tasty hand crafted margaritas, be sure to check that place out. My personal favorite was a spicy one packed with fresh jalapeños and cilantro.

I was not able to see my family this trip, but I was able to see a family who feels just as close as my own. I brought fixings for a salad and a bottle of my favorite La Crema Chardonnay and shared an amazing home cooked Copper River Salmon diner. Dinner was completed with laughter and homemade blackberry pie.

I know that this is what you all really want to see and read so here is the sneak peek from both weddings! On Saturday, Sarah married her knight and shining amour, Chris, at a sweet little park on the Peninsula. Kitsap Memorial Park was the perfect venue to say “I Do”. Their casual summer wedding was full of PNW flare!

Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_001 Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_002 Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_003 Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_004 Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_006 Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_007 Hux_Wedding_Kitsap_Memorial_State_Park_009

On Sunday, in the heart of Tacoma Washington, Kristi & Will exchange the most heartfelt & romantic vows at the Weyerhaeuser Estate overlooking the water. The day was full of emotion, tears, laughter and most importantly the couple was surrounded by the people who cherish them the most. There were so many moments that even I had to take a deep breath and wipe away a few tears.

Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_1 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_2 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_3 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_4 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_5 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_6 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_7

Once the festivities ended, Kristi & Will more than obliged my ridiculous love for photographing couple portraits. We left the Estate and headed straight for the waterfront in her fathers old Hudson, were we played in the sand and drift wood and took a walk down a rusty old pier while people watched through the windows of nearby restaurants.

Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_9 Thomas_Wedding_Weyerhaesure_Estate_Tacoma_Washington_10

To top off a perfect weekend, as if it could get any better, on Saturday night I was able to meet up with my girlfriends. It was amazing. We shared pizzas at the local brewery and it felt like I had never left. These girls mean the world to me and there is something to be said about being able to pick up where you left off after 2 years as if no time had passed at all. Thank you so much ladies, you truly mean the world to me! And on that note my friends I wish you all a lovely week! XOXO – Jen