California has the most AMAZING light. Anyone who has photographed anything in that state will be able to tell you just how true that is! This sunrise session at the Grassini Family Vineyard was a dream come true and honestly the one part of my trip to California i was truly looking forward to. This wonderful couple is also a photography duo, so of course they were magical to work with! How sweet was it of them to get up during the wee hours of the morning for hair and makeup and modeling for us! Thank you so much Tori & Brett! I swear, this session was at sunrise… The clouds had a mind of their own that morning and rolled in for the remainder of our session. I am so thankful to have been able to participate in this shoot during my time in California. I truly felt re-inspired by scenery and Montana Denis’s words of photo wisdom and creativity!

A little back story as so why I have this affinitive love for Vineyards… Call me a romantic or fan of nostalgia but for years, vineyards have been one of my favorite places to shoot and i think this is why; John and I went on our 1st vacation together in the spring of 2009. We didn’t really have a plan but we knew we wanted to go Sonoma and were flying home to Seattle from San Diego. So, rented a car and hit the open road to drive the coastline to San Diego! Our 1st official stop was wine country California! We were set up with 2 private vineyard tours at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards & Cline Cellars. Since, John and I have had a love for vineyards… Maybe it’s the Italian in me, who knows! We actually still afford ourselves the luxury of having wine from Jacuzzi shipped to us 4 times a year. During our honeymoon we were lucky enough to travel to Italy which only made my love affair with vineyards that much more intense. I remember driving through Tuscany on our way up into the hills to a little village; we passed so many of the most incredible little vineyards. Later that evening as we left the hill town and John drove back to that little spot right as the august sun was setting. I wandered through the rows of grapes and vines until there was no light left. We have created so many great memories that involve vineyards and i hope that along the way I can share my passion with other couples and help capture some of their first memories in vineyards as well.

And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to Montana Denis and everyone involved for make this session so perfect.


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