Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0031Sarah + Jake chose to stay close to keep things local and nautical for their engagement session! We had such a great time exploring some new (to me!) areas of Annapolis. I know I have said this 1000 time but I LOVE Annapolis so any time I am able to go there I do. Sarah and her mom were on top of every detail for this session.  Her mom even warned us of the Annapolis Boat Show that would be taking place downtown and so kindly offered to drive us in and out and all around Annapolis while we were shooting. It was perfect; A HUGE that you for that incredible gesture. Sarah, Jake and I were 100% able to focus on photos, and snuggling, and holding hands without any other distractions. After exploring a few different areas in the city we headed back to Sarah Parents house to catching the last romantic glow of the sunset. Boy was it perfect. The glow of the setting sun through the trees was a perfect firey backdrop for their intimate photos on her parent’s pier.

Not having to drive earlier in the day really gave me an opportunity to learn a bit more about Sarah + Jake. I am always so thankful for these moments of sharing stories and conversations and really getting to know what my couples personalities and relationship are like. Sarah is quite possibly one of the sweetest girls I have met. She is finishing up school in Pennsylvania while Jake works down in Southern Maryland. The sacrifices these two have made will pay off in leaps and bounds as they venture into their new lives together as husband and wife shortly after Sarah finishes school. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these as they begin the next chapter of their life together in Virginia! It was so much fun photographing your engagement photos and I absolutely can’t wait for you wedding! XOXO-J

Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0041Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0001 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0002 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0003 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0004 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0005Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0006Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0008Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0012Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0014 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0015 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0016 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0017 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0018 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0019 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0020Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0036 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0021 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0022 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0023 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0024 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0025 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0026 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0027 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0028 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0029 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0030 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0031 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0032 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0033 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0034 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0035Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0037 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0038 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0039 Sarah_Jake_Annapolis_Maryland_Engagement_0040