Good Morning and happy monday. Today, we are getting a little personal! This is the 1st post of a new series of blogs here on the JHP Blog so I hope you enjoy, share your own experiences and of course, please come back for more! I’ve been doing lots of brain storming on new things that I can share here on the blog and wanted to start with something that I Love! What a better way to start a Monday morning than with something yummy up on the blog… So here we go.

I’m not really sure why I love cooking so much or how I picked up the knack to be in the kitchen but I blame it all on my mom… and my grandmother… and all the other Italian woman in my family. Cooking as become another form of artistic expression for me. Add a little bit of this and little of that, a splash of wine and a swig from the bottle 😉 and before you know it, a wonderful meal has been created! Strange fact #743 COOKING RELAXES ME! How can that be possible, right?? well, it does. Its my little in home get a way. As you can see from the photos below, being in the kitchen isn’t a new thing to me.

Galette: Galette is a French term that refers to a variety of flat, round cakes, usually made with a flaky pastry dough of some kind. Today I am showing you a super yummy savory galette. This is a basic modification of a savory galette I made on Christmas.


What you will Need:

1 onion – I use yellow, they seem to cook down into a much sweeter onion.

pre made pie crust (yup…i have not master pie crust)

5 slices prosciutto

havarti cheese

pecans – crushed

and rosemary – for garnish

2 Tbs butter (i use kerrygold)

1 egg – beaten


DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a food photographer. Please don’t mind the poor photos. I promise they wont always be this bad. I hope to expand my knowledge is food photographer as this post moves forward! 

Preheat your oven to 375 while slicing your onion. Add to a pan on low heat with 2 TBS of butter and let the cook down into an amazing pot of dark caramelized onions. This takes about an hour. I use cast iron pans so make sure if you do as well that you give your pan the appropriate time to heat before cooking.

You’ll notice i posted a few little extras from around out kitchen. This trivet is my absolute favorite! My mom gave this too me many years ago and it has not left the stove. We have moved many time but this is the one thing that always remains in the heart of my kitchen! once your onions have cooked down, roll out your dough and place the onions in the center. spread then out leaving enough dough to fold over.

sprinkle the pecans between the onions and prosciutto. For this galette I chose to do thick strips of the havarti – mental note – i would probably make them less thick or shred the cheese in the future. after adding the cheese for over the edges of the pie crust and coat with the beaten egg. Cook until your edges are golden brown or roughly 25 mins.

Once the galette is finished garnish with fresh rosemary, slice and serve!