I could not have asked for a more perfect Baltimore evening full of gorgeous setting sunlight, laughter and super fun clients. Lisa + Ross, if your engagement session is a taste of what wedding day will be like, I just know we are going to have such a wonderful day! Your session was so much fun, thank you so much for showing me those fun little parks in the city! We started our evening at the park in font of their wedding venue, The Peabody Museum and made our way up to federal Hill to catch the setting sun. To my surprise, once we were on top of the hill we not only had a gorgeous view but there was a concert going on down town so we were able to hear the live music. If you have never been on top of Federal Hill I highly recommend it! The view is one of my favorites in the city. This is absolutely one on my favorite spots.

Lisa + Ross, it was SO fun getting to know you both a bit more and hearing a little more about your families, the food truck and some of your future plans! I absolutely can’t wait for you wedding day!

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