Its time for the 2nd installment of this gorgeous wedding. Kristi and Will said their goodbyes, hopped her dads classic car and we traveled to the waterfront down in Tacoma for an additional little session of beach front photos. I love how the stormy night weather rolled in over the city giving these images a much more dramatic feel; a complete contrast to their soft romantic wedding. Any time a client allows me to take this many portraits of them I take full advantage! Here are just a couple of my favorites from this part of the night. XOXO – J


Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0108 Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0110Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0109 Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0111Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0112 Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0114 Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0115 Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0116 Thomas_WeyerhaeuserEstate_Tacom_Washington_Wedding_0117