Kaitlin + Kyle chose a perfect location for their session.  Months ago in early summer when Kaitlin started planning their session, she emailed me a few photos and I fell in love with this place. Something I always try to get people to do for engagement sessions is to pick a location and season that is opposite your wedding. Kaitlin could not have done a more perfect job of just this. Their summer city wedding will without a doubt be a complete contrast to their fall engagement photos.

In addition to picking such a gorgeous location these two brought a very important and fun member of their family to their session, Ms. Marli! I always laugh a little when couples ask if it would be ok if they brought their dogs. My answer will ALWAYS be yes! As many of you know I love dogs, and have 2 of my own and I just love meeting my couple fur babies if the opportunity arises – it always gives a little more insight into their lives.

Kaitlin + Kyle, thank you so much for spending the day with me and treating me to a delicious dinner and drinks afterward! I absolutely can’t wait until your wedding next summer. These few months are going to fly by! XOXO-J

Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0001 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0002 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0003 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0004 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0005 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0006 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0008 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0009 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0010 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0011 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0012 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0013 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0014Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Wedding_Photographer_0001Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0017 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Wedding_Photographer_0003Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0021 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0022Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0023 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0025Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0027 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0028 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0029 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0030 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0031 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0032 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0033 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0034 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0035 Kaitlin_Kyle_Sparks_Maryland_Engagement_0036