I wanted to take this moment and wish a very happy birthday to my husband, John. The road we have traveled has been one of adventure and challenge filled with lots of laughter and love; I could not imagine it with anyone else by my side. You are one of the funniest, kind harted people i know. Your intelligence amazes me, your strength comforts me, and your courage and determination allow you to conquer anything that comes your way.

I cant wait to share many more birthdays with you, to celebrate over and over again, a day made just for YOU! To sip wine and laugh over a good meal, reflect over the last year and dream over the next. My wish for you this year is to remember that you have everything it takes to be successful. This Birthday, make yourself a promise that you will achieve your goals and dreams, that you will confront the struggles with strength, celebrate the triumphs and remember that I am always by your side! Happy Birthday, Lover!

I love you, John Harvey! XOXO – J.

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Photo Cred to the lovely Saleina of Saleina Marie Photography!