Hello Friends, happy Friday! It’s the end of the week, the sun is shining and I have a great weekend ahead of wedded bliss and getting my hair done (FINALLY)!!! Couldn’t be more stoked! In the efforts to put a bit more “Jen” into Jen Harvey Photography I present to you Friday Frenzy! Fridays always seem like they go 1 of 2 ways… A: Smooth, boring and bit slow because you were great all week long, worked super hard and planned just right so come 4pm you could dash on out of the office while waving good bye to your coworker and head out to whatever fun weekend plans await! Naturally the clock ticks by ever so slowly! Or, B: Chaotic, not enough time to get everything done, and the time seems to fly by leaving you panicked that you might actually have to stay later to finish that last task so you can have a clear head come Saturday! Today I praying that option A blesses each and every one of you *wink wink*. I wanted to share a photo with you of our 2 dogs Bear + Ellie. Now if you know my Dogs, you know how incredibly excited I was to actually snap this photo. I felt like such a proud momma! I ran down stairs all giddy and giggly begging John (my husband) to look at this photo. I seriously could not believe the 2 of them actually lay down together, looked straight at the camera and didn’t try biting the other while one wasn’t looking… They think they are so funny! Any who, my mom are my children so let me introduce you to them. Ellie, “the princess” aka the brown one is my pride and joy although she gives me the stink eye any time I try and snuggle – I still love you! I picked her out when she was a wee little thing at the ripe old age of 6 weeks. She has been through thick and thin with me and all sorts of fun and not so fun things. We have road tripped to Southern Oregon, gone camping, swam in many rivers, shared many belly rubs and Frisbee tosses and she has seen lots of tears and lots of laughter. Anywhere there is water this dog is bound to be there. …and then there is Bear, the “OMG your dog is so beautiful” dog. Yup he sure is and that’s about all he is… I kid I kid! This dog is a lover! He is the snuggle dog that Ellie will never be. He is a gentle giant that packs a big bark and scares the bagezzes (I have NO idea how to spell that word) out of people but all he really wants is to be your best friend. John and I had a roommate once that insisted on teaching this dog how to “paw” now all he does is sit in front of you and put his paw on your knee. It’s really really cute and quite funny until the 10th time you tell him no… you see what I’m getting at! Thank you Mike, we are so thrilled you taught our dog this. Anyway, people always say dogs are like furry members of the family and it’s so true! It’s Something you just can’t understand unless you have had one. Hope these two goof balls brighten you Friday afternoon just a little bit more! photo