Good morning all and happy Monday! I wanted to share another list (like I said I love lists!) with you all. If you remember last week, I posted another list here; a list I put together for everything that goes in my camera bags & car on wedding day. Today’s list, helps me to organize the tasks I need to complete the day(or week) before the wedding to ensure that I am prepared ahead of time for wedding day. This also helps me to just be able to relax and get a few things done around the house before I head out for the day. I don’t know if you are anything like me but it always helps me relax to get a few things done around the house the morning of weddings; clears my mind a bit.


  • Charge camera batteries
  • Charge flash batteries – I use rechargeable AAs’
  • Format memory cards
  • Check camera settings – I always want to make sure my Camera are set to RAW. You never know if somehow they were switched between then and now. I also want to ensure that everything is in working order before wedding day.
  • Enter locations into GPS (I use my iPhone)
    • Home to getting ready
    • Getting ready to church/ceremony site
    • Church to venue.
    • Venue to home
  • Clean lenses
  • Sync both cameras
  • Print wedding day timeline and shot list(s)
  • Save PDF of timeline to phone
  • Charge cell phone + Charging case
  • Charge laptop
  • Choose wedding day outfit – I always try to stay clear of wedding colors so if possible, this is one of the questions I ask my brides. What color will the Bridesmaid dresses be?
  • Pack snacks and water
  • Send a short “Looking forward to tomorrow” email to bride

I hope this gives an insight into how I prepare for a wedding and proves helpful to you as you are getting ready to kick off this wedding season as well! If there are other things you do to prepare for a wedding day, please let me know in the comment box below.