1st off, I want to say how truly fabulous Cathleen + Tim are! you know how you just get that feel about some people….from the moment I met them in Starbucks, I knew this couple would be a joy to work with. Needless to say I was ecstatic when they told me they wanted me to capture their wedding day! A little back story here, on the day of our 1st meeting we talked about this session – DC. Spring time, cherry blossoms, sunshine…. Well, the weather around here has been less than desirable lately and all the predictions for prime blossoms time were set for May so Cathleen and I decided to go ahead and push back our session one extra week. Mother Nature in all her glory was not on our side, forecast for our original date 70 and sunshine with trees in full bloom… forecast for our new date RAIN and a full week of windstorms. If you know anything about cherry blossoms, you know those little buggers are delicate, so delicate that if you look at them wrong the petals fall to the ground. All in all I have to say that changing our date actually worked out in our favor because we had the city to ourselves! A peaceful, quite and beautiful sunrise and we even found a killer cluster of trees in full bloom near the Jefferson Memorial.

C+T you both looked amazing and if this session was any glimpse into your big day I can wait! I’ll see you both very soon at the Kitty Knight House for your wedding! XOXO