Jen Harvey Photography

Meet The Photographer

Love is... Courage

Half of the fun in life is the mystery of what’s to come. The other half is trusting yourself to make the right choices and trusting the partner who you decided to make them with.

The trust I have in my partner took me across the country. I am a Pacific Northwest girl living in a Baltimore world. Yeah, I know, those two places are pretty much as opposite as it gets. So how did I end up here? It was the classic girl meets boy story. You know the one. She meets him; he sweeps her off her feet. They fall in love and have a kickass wedding. Then pack up a U-Haul and head east to Baltimore to start a new adventure with their pups!

I’m an absolute sucker for a good love story.  Even though I have my own, I’m still obsessed with everyone else’s. Romantic novels, cheesy movies, even a good commercial that gets ya right in the feels. Love gives me life, as messy and beautiful as it can be.

It’s why I do what I do. Weddings allow me to bear witness to love every single week. I want to capture your beautiful, unique, sometimes messy, and always courageous story. I give you permission to let loose and have fun. To share a slow dance in public while everyone is watching, to laugh uncontrollably. To just be with one another. Your love and your story are as unique to you as mine is to me. I can’t wait to hear all about it.