Hello – I’m Jen!

Thinking back to my childhood, every memory I have of my Aunt Eileen always involved a camera. It didn’t matter where we were; if she found something that caught her eye she would stop you, position you just right and document that moment in time. And let me tell you, as a little girl, it felt like everything had to be perfect to her. Something that I realized later is that even the imperfections in her images were perfection in her eyes. I give her all the credit as to why I became a photographer. I wanted to document life just like she did. I consider her to be one of my true inspirations. I will never think of photos with out 1st thinking of her. 

Many years have since passed and so has she, and what I have grown to realize is that I am left with is an undeniable love for the power of a photograph and a passion for telling stories, your stories. A photo isn’t just a picture, it’s a moment is time, captured forever. Its your story waiting to be told. As an artist I try to inspire myself and those around me to be creative, dream big, explore all possibilities and tell stories of love, of travel and of life. I want to evoking the emotions of your memories with a tangible heirloom for you to treasure for a lifetime.

I grew up on the west coast and will always be a PNW girl at heart. No, it doesn’t rain there as much as we say it does and yes, there is a really is a Starbucks on pretty much every corner of the city. Pikes Place Market, in the heart of downtown is where you can dodge flying fish and find the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers for $10 – you will never want to buy flowers anywhere else. People always ask me if I miss the west coast and the simple answer to that is, yes! Its home. But the east coast is growing on me day by day and I explore everything it has to offer. The one thing I miss the most about living out west are the snow-covered peaks that tower over you in any direction you look. There is truly nothing more picturesque and grand. So, why did I leave you ask, well the story goes a little something like this… I met a boy name John, fell in love, we wed one warm summer evening in August, and packed up our dogs and everything we owned in a U-Haul and started a new adventure continuing our story together, across the country!


… A Few Things I LOVE + Some Other Random Facts …

My husband John | Our pups Ellie & Bear | Travel | Fresh Peonies | you can’t go wrong with red lipstick | A great pair of heels | Coffee…lots of coffee | And pretty much anything that has me active and outdoors | I love listening to audio books | I have completed 3 Triathlons | I love club remix music | I have visited almost every state in the US | I like to think Joanna Gains is my spirit animal